Residential Painting
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Professional choice painting

All our work is guaranteed and our primary objective is to produce outstanding results and to strive to thoroughly
impress our clients and go the extra mile to ensure complete satisfaction in all of our finished work.

Residential Painting

At Professional Choice Painting we have decades of experience in delivering professional painting projects for home owners needing repaint work, or owners and builders needing painting work to new builds and new constructions.

We often work directly with builders, designers and architects to create special finishes and effects which have been carefully researched and planned so as to obtain the optimum effect for the home owners. Many home owners have specific ideas that they have seen in magazines or elsewhere which they want to replicate or reproduce similarly. This is where hiring Professional Choice Painting comes into its own as we’re able to advise our customers and clients how to obtain such decorative effects and finishes.

We do a lot of residential painting jobs for home owners requiring a repaint of their family homes which mostly are occupied and containing furniture and other fixtures, fittings and so forth. This kind of work requires a lot of care and preparation to minimise disruption and protect floor coverings, furniture and property.

In this regard we have an extensive stock of professional calico dropsheets as well as special purpose plastic sheeting and masking tapes and we take special care to ensure that all floor coverings are protected as well as furniture also. We often need to temporarily move furniture away from walls to allow painting access and in these circumstances we always take extra care with your furniture and make sure that it is covered with dropsheets and then put back in place upon completion.


New Builds

For new builds and new construction work we ensure that all fixtures and fittings are either removed or protected. Special attention is given to fitted kitchen areas and bathrooms where tiles, cabinets and bath/shower areas and PC items are protected from any paint fallout.

No matter what your residential painting needs are, whether for interior painting, exterior painting, new construction, renovations or repaint work, Professional Choice Painting have got you covered and can deliver an unsurpassable professionally finished durable painting project that you will be happy with for many years to come.

At Professional Choice Painting we undertake Residential Painting projects across the entire NSW Central Coast and lower Hunter areas. Contact us today to discuss your residential painting project and we’ll be delighted to impress you with our professionalism and assure you that we’ll look after your project and property as if it was our own.



We put all our quotes in writing so that clients can be clear about the entire scope of works and what to expect in relation to quality and performance. We always let our clients know in advance what the attendant costs will be and these costs are binding under the agreed contract. There are no hidden surprises our tricks that you’d ever need to worry about. Everything that’s been discussed and agreed upon will be in the quote so that you can just relax and leave everything up to us to totally take care of for the contract price that we agreed upon.

If a client asks us to perform extra work which wasn’t included in the original quote or contract, we will confirm any such extras in writing so that the scope of works is clear and so that any relevant costs quoted can be added to the original contract. That way, both parties are at all times aware and in agreement with the contract price for the job without any concerns about hidden costs upsetting project budgets.

We show up when we say we’ll show up as we place high value on being professional and respecting your time and schedules.  If there’s ever any reason that we can’t attend as scheduled (such as due to inclement weather) we’ll let our clients know so that there’s never any worry or concern about your painting project.